Change Your Online Experience With High-Speed Internet

Having a slow Internet connection can take you from the middle of the online action to the backseat, waiting for a connection.

Who has the time for that?

With a high-speed DSL (digital subscriber line) connection, you don’t have to worry about slow Internet speeds holding you back.

  • Stream full-length HD movies
  • Download your favorite musician’s album in the blink of an eye
  • Live chat with family across the country
  • Battle it out with friends in the latest online multiplayer game

All of these are possible at the highest speeds available with a DSL Internet service provider.

High-speed Internet service options

How your Internet-enabled device connects online makes a difference. Your options for a high-speed ISP (Internet service provider) include:

  • DSL Internet
  • Cable Internet
  • Satellite Internet
  • Fiber-Optic Internet

A dial-up Internet connection is also an option. However, connections through a dial-up service are slower than DSL, cable and satellite. A dial-up Internet connection will also tie up your phone line while you’re online – meaning you can’t make phone calls while surfing the Internet.

Depending on where you live, however, your choice of internet providers may be more limited. For anyone living in a small town, their proximity to a DSL service provider or cable infrastructure may narrow their choices down to satellite Internet or dial-up.

That’s because high-speed DSL service and cable Internet are more predominant in densely populated cities and their surrounding suburbs.

If location isn’t a factor, how do you decide which Internet service provider is right for you?

Internet Service Provider Method of Connection What Can You Do? Availability
DSL Internet Through an existing phone line Download/upload large file sizes, stream movies and music, browse websites Cities, suburbs and rural areas
Cable Internet Through existing cable line Download/upload large file sizes, stream movies and music, browse websites Cities and suburbs
Satellite Internet Through satellite dishes Download/upload large file sizes, stream movies and music, browse websites. Rural areas
Fiber-Optic Internet Through fiber-optic cables made of bundled thin glass strands Connect to your company’s VPN, download/upload large attachments, movies and music in seconds. Availability is limited to select areas
Dial-Up Internet Through an existing phone line Browse the web, check email, and update social media. Other activities may slow down Internet speed. Rural areas

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What’s the right Internet speed for me?

DSL and cable Internet are two of the more popular high-speed Internet providers. But choosing the right Internet service provider largely depends on what you need to do online. While high-speed Internet might be the perfect solution for your professional and personal lifestyle, other Internet users might be content with slower speeds at a lower cost.

  • Check email or catch up on your favorite blog
  • Work remotely from home
  • Stream music and movies while doing other things online
  • Download and upload large-size files

If you know that you need high-speed Internet to have a productive and less stressful day, you’ve already figured out half of the equation. The only question left to ask is what high-speed Internet service provider is right for you – cable Internet or DSL Internet service?